Welcome to Greetings-Mazal and Bracha This unique program provides three ways to create and send personal greetings, using your computer.

Greeting Mazal and Bracha contains 171 diffrent cards, of which 68 are animated: Rosh Hashan, Birthday, Cursive, Alef-Bet, Block Alef-Bet, Old New Years's Cards, Ketubot, Everyday Greetings, Children's Greetings, Children's Drawings, Greeting from Israel, This is Israel and Horoscope.

  • Via the internet as an e-mail attachment/
  • On a 3.5 floppy disk that the recipient can load and run (cards can be played only on Windows-based PC's).
  • By printing the card, with your own unique message, and mailing it to a friend. 

Mazal and Bracha's friendly interface

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