The following educational titles are very popular with
Hebrew Teachers and students all over the world.
Easy program for learning Hebrew Verbs.
Package includes one disk + literature, Built-In Dictionary, and Exercises.

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Hebrew Through Comics
Make learning Hebrew fun!
Text by Amos Rolnik. 
Booklet with spiral binding.
English - Hebrew

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Shalom From Jerusalem
Click on a program to see and hear a sample lesson

1st Series - Ktav Kol
(Beginner 1) 
20 Lessons, Book & Cassettes, Available in English or Russian

2nd Series - Shalom From Jerusalem Lamatchil 
(Beginner 2) (500-1000 words)
Translation of Hebrew Words In English,Russian, French & Spanish

3rd Series - Shalom From Jerusalem
(Advanced) (1000-1500 words)

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